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Los Angeles Pressure Washing Inc. is located in southern California. Over twenty years ago, we established this business and focused primarily on meeting the pressure washing needs of home owners and small commercial businesses.
However, over those few decades, we’ve expanded and invested in larger commercial trucks and customized equipment designed to specialize in industrial and commercial cleaning jobs. We hold contracts with the city of Los Angeles in providing the cleaning and maintenance of the Los Angeles Port and MacArthur Park, to name a few. While our primary focus is commercial and industrial cleaning, we also have years of residential cleaning experience and still provide those services. 
Due to federal and state laws, we recover and recycle our water, making the jobsite EPA compliant. During the cleaning process, the waste water runoff is eliminated by our equipment's recycling system which then can be reused. By doing this, we minimize water consumption and waste.  
Los Angeles Pressure Washing Inc. is a professional, licensed and insured company in the state of California. We have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to handle jobs great or small with results that are undeniably exceptional. Call us today to get a free quote on your pressure washing needs! 
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