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Los Angeles Pressure Washing Inc. is located in Southern California. We started out servicing primarily homeowners and small commercial accounts, but over the years invested in larger commercial trucks and customized equipment designed to specialize in industrial and commercial cleaning jobs. While our primary focus is warehouses, parking garages, loading docks, etc., we also have years of residential cleaning experience. 

Due to federal and state laws, we recover and recycle our water, making the jobsite EPA compliant. During the cleaning process, the waste water runoff is eliminated. Our equipment recycles the waste water, which then can be reused, minimizing water consumption. 

Please check out the videos and pictures on our website and see if we have the services you’re looking for. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project and get a free estimate.


They did an excellent job for us. When they were working on the yard, we could clearly see the difference on the surface between before and after cleaning. Another strong point is they do not use any chemical in their process. This makes it easier for disposal of dirty water. They responded to every message quickly, and delivered their service on the date and time we worked out. We strongly recommend this organization.

Peter Mehta
EPMAR Corporation

Very professional. He quotes you a price and it stays that price. Work is on time and meets deadlines.

Sam Valdez
SCV Facilities Services

Very, very customer service oriented.

Chris Bonas
Coastline Development Inc.

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