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Street appearances can make or break a business’ impression on potential customers. The priority of our company is to enhance not only your street impression but also a safer work environment by maintaining the exterior cleaning. Our services include foreign substance removal of things such as gum, spilled liquids, dirt, oil, rust and more.

We provide effective surface cleaning and rinsing with instant waste water recovery. Preventing the waste water from being washed into the city storm drains makes us EPA compliant and eliminates costly fines for our customer. Explore our pressure washing services below:

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20+ Years of Expertise

We are a well established pressure washing company in the LA area, having gained over 20 years of pressure washing experience here. We’re the go-to pressure washing company in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

Having your commercial business look its best is important to impress your current clientele, and to have a great first impression with new customers. Our pressure washing & cleaning services will make your business look fresh & clean again with very little disturbance to your actual business. Reach out to us today for more information or a free quote on our pressure washing and cleaning services.

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