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Graffiti is an unfortunate, but still relevant issue for businesses, home owners, and commercial property owners in Los Angeles. In 2021, there were 343,246 graffiti removal requests from citizens of Los Angeles. While some graffiti is done as a form of artistic expression, sometimes graffiti can be a way for gangs to “tag” or claim an area as theirs. Regardless of the intent of the graffiti, if it is done without the permission of the building owner it is vandalism and can lower the cost of the property.

Graffiti can also cause current and potential customers to worry if your property is a safe place to do business if there is graffiti that shouldn’t be there. You don’t want your clients wondering about their safety or whether your property is in an area with high criminal activity.

Protect your property value and give your clients no reason to be concerned with our Los Angeles graffiti removal services.

Los Angeles Pressure Washing Inc. can help solve your graffiti problem by removing any blemishes, paint, defacements to your residential or commercial property or business. Our team of expert graffiti removal specialists can restore your property and remove any graffiti vandalism. Call us today for a free estimate!

Looking for graffiti removal in Los Angeles? Look no further!

Our Graffiti Removal Pressure Washing Process

Unfortunately, many business owners have to deal with graffiti at some point in time. Depending on the location of the graffiti can severely impact the property value of a building and also negatively impact the way clients and customers perceive a business. This is one of the reasons why it is very important for graffiti to be removed as soon as possible to mitigate damage. Los Angeles Pressure Washing Inc. has years of experience removing graffiti. Here’s our general graffiti removal process:

We utilize pressure washing equipment that has the ability to remove graffiti from a number of surfaces. The first step to graffiti removal is knowing what material it is on. It could be concrete, metal, glass, wood, plastic, etc. Understanding the material the graffiti is on will decide how much pressure is needed from our pressure washing tools. Our graffiti removal specialists tune the pressure so that the graffiti is removed, but the actual material itself is not damaged.

graffiti removed with pressure washer
Graffiti removed from sidewalk in Los Angeles

Depending on the material that the graffiti is on also determines which type of cleaner is used too. Our team applies cleaner to the area that has graffiti and sits on the area for some time to set in. We will then use our pressure washer to spray and take the graffiti off.

Graffiti can be removed most of the time with the right equipment and proper cleaner. But having it done correctly is important to ensure that your property is not damaged in the proces.. This is why it’s important to hire a professional who has the skill to do job correctly.

The professionals at Los Angeles Pressure Washing Inc. are not only skilled, but have years of experience removing graffiti in the Los Angeles area. Whether it’s on a fence, in a parking garage, or on your actual building – we can help you remove it. Get your graffiti removed fast! Contact Los Angeles Pressure Washing Inc. today!

The Factors You Must Consider To Remove Graffiti in LA

pressure washed metal fencing

Removing graffiti may seem simple enough, but if done incorrectly it can damage the surface of your building, sidewalk, wall, fence, etc. Graffiti removal requires the right tools, cleaning supplies, and expertise to be done correctly. Here’s a few factors that go into ensuring that graffiti removal is successful.

Graffiti Type: Graffiti can be done with different materials. Sometimes it’s done with paint, other times it’s done with types of ink. Depending on the type of graffiti will determine what type of cleaning solutions will need to be used.

Surface Material: As mentioned earlier, the type of material that the graffiti is on will decide on how much pressure our pressure washers will need to use. Too little pressure and the graffiti will not come off the surface. Too much pressure and you’re risking damaging your surface. Depending on whether it’s glass, concrete, wood, metal, etc. will determine how much pressure is required.

Some materials are more porous than others and can require different cleaners too, because they’re more likely to penetrate the material. Bricks, stone, and wood are more porous and can be difficult to remove graffiti. One of the reasons it is important to have graffiti removal done quickly is that the longer it sits on the surface, the more damage the graffiti may potentially do.

Time: The longer that graffiti has been on your property will affect how challenging it is to remove and how successful the results will be. It’s much harder to remove graffiti that has a long time to sit on a property. If your home, business, or property has recently been vandalized with graffiti – contact us today!

Temperature: The Los Angeles temperature has a role to play in the difficulty of removing graffiti. The LA heat in the summer can bake graffiti onto your property and make it more challenging to remove.

What About Graffiti on Windows?

Unfortunately sometimes graffiti is done on glass windows in Los Angeles. Depending on the type of graffiti done, will not only determine the removal process, but also the effectiveness of the removal process. There are types of graffiti that will scratch the glass and unfortunately leave permanent damage. With this said, our experts at Los Angeles Pressure Washing will use the right cleaning solution and pressure from our pressure washers to remove graffiti from glass windows.

More Questions Related To Graffiti Removal in Los Angeles

How do I report graffiti in Los Angeles? The City of Los Angeles has an entire resource page to report graffiti in LA. This resource has a list of phone numbers that you can call to report graffiti in Los Angeles. Learn more here

How much does graffiti cost to remove? The cost to have your graffiti removed will depend on a number of factors. How large is the graffiti? Where is the graffiti located? What type of surface is the graffiti on? The answer to these questions and a few others will determine how much it will cost to have your graffiti removed. We offer free quotes and estimates for graffiti removal in Los Angeles. Contact us today for a free quote.

Does your property have graffiti on it? Contact our graffiti removal experts today!

The sooner you give us a call at Los Angeles Pressure Washing Inc, the easier it will be for our team of experts to remove your graffiti. Don’t let graffiti harm your property value and hurt the perspective that customers have of your business. It is important to have graffiti removed as soon as possible to reduce damage and ensure the graffiti is completely removed. Our professional team at Los Angeles Pressure Washing Inc offers free estimates and quotes for graffiti removal in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. We have over twenty years of experience meeting the pressure washing needs of home owners and small commercial businesses. Check out our outstanding reviews and get a graffiti removal quote today!

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The Cities That We Serve

Our company offers pressure washing graffiti removal services to customers in all of Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We can pressure wash and remove graffiti that’s on your building, property, etc. as long as you’re in a city that we service. If you don’t see your city on the list below, please reach out to our team as we may still offer graffiti removal services in that area. We offer graffiti removal cleaning services in the following cities:

San Pedro
Marina del Rey
Los Angeles
Santa Monica
Orange County
Beverly Hills
Long Beach

Culver City
West Hollywood
Rolling Hills Estates

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